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Friday, 25 Jul 2014
No Winter Sport week 3 Thursday 7th August
Wow look at the new arrival at Spreydon SchoolThis afternoon a green digger rolled onto our school grounds ready to demolish our much loved hall.The green digger will be here over the next few days. It's job is to take down the hall with it's powerful claws. It is a sad day as we remember such great times in our school hall before it was closed due to Earthquake damage.Our School Hall was used for Jump Jam, Sy... Read more.
South West Zones Winter Tournament PostponedUnfortunately due to the weather the South West Zone sports tournament for Wednesday 23rd July ha... Read more.
Courtside and Riverside Shared Morning TeaA huge thank you to all the parents and friends of the school who came along to share our Morning... Read more.
Amazing Art SaleThank you for all your support for the Red Cross Art Sale. We were able to raise over $700 for th... Read more.
Art Sale Tuesday 1st JulyToday we are holding our Art Sale for the Red Cross.Everyone has ma... Read more.